Womens Oral Health in Citrus Heights, CA.

Although good oral health is for all, research has revealed that women in Sacramento, CA and everywhere else are more likely to suffer poor health as a result of poor oral hygiene. There are some diseases, such as mouth cancer, which seem to affect women more than men. The main cause of susceptibility seems to stem from hormones – since they fluctuate up and down during most of a woman’s life they affect their dental health in various ways. When, for instance, a girl reaches puberty, she is more likely to suffer mouth and gum irritation and even develop plaque which doesn’t happen much in boys of the same age. Pre-pubescent girls who suffer these symptoms should seek periodontal therapy. There are other times in their lives that women need to take extra care of their dental health:

During menstruation:

Menstruation happens every month and during this period, hormones lead to the production of higher levels of salivary hormones. This can often cause bad breath so women right before and during their periods. It is easy to combat this though – just brush a bit more than usual (use a soft brush so as not to irritate your gums_ make sure that you brush your gums and floss and also use a mouthwash every few hours.


As you may well know, pregnancy leads to lots of hormones being released into the body and this can affect oral health. Women also tend to be more prone to gingivitis, plaque and even mouth tumors during this period. In fact, a woman’s oral health will impact the baby – it can lead to pre-term births, low birth weight. It is very important to visit your Sacramento, CA dentist a few times during pregnancy so that they can be checked for periodontal disease. Although many people don’t know it, 18% of miscarriages can be attributed to this disease.

Past menopause:

This, again, is a time when women have to deal with lots of hormones. Studies have shown that women who have periodontal disease are more likely to suffer osteoporosis. Women of this age also tend to lose teeth to gum disease because gums detach from the teeth making them structurally weaker. It is important for women of this age to see your Sacramento, CA dentist regularly so that they can reduce their chances of getting periodontal and other mouth diseases.

How can women enjoy better oral health?

Women can reduce their chances of getting gum disease by ensuring that they brush their teeth 3 times a day and flossing regularly. They should also make sure that they see a dentist at least twice every year. This way, any oral problems can be caught I their early stages and treated.

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A woman brushing her teeth with a tooth brush

A good diet is also very important – you must make sure that you at whole, natural foods. Focus on lean proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy starches. You should avoid sugar as much as you can,. What many women don’t realize is just how badly sugar affects their oral health. It leads to high levels of bacteria in the mouth which leads to tooth decay, cavities and plaque. You should avoid sugary drinks at all costs and limit desserts. If you consume sugar you should brush soon afterwards so that bacteria don’t have any place to fester.

How can women find good dentists in Sacramento, CA?

Finding a good dentist will go a long way in ensuring that you have good oral health. Don’t just go with the first one that you find – choose your dentist based on their training and experience. Look online and see what others are saying about them. Their websites should not be all about sales – they should provide useful information to users, such as articles on better oral health. In addition to that, choose a dentist who is hygienic – many people have gotten infections from dentist tools. Visit their premises and see if they are sanitary.

It is also important that you find a dentist who has a bedside manner – it will make your dentist visits much less scary. You should also look at what they charge – research has shown that there are dentists in Sacramento, CA who charge as much as twice the rate as others for the same procedures. You should not be paying extra when you can get good dental care from a dentist who will give you the same dental care. That said, don’t choose a dentist because they are cheap – they could be that way because they cut corners.