Full Mouth Reconstruction in Citrus Heights, CA.

If you have serious dental problems your Sacramento, CA dentist may recommend a full mouth reconstruction. It is important for you to understand what the procedure is all about so that you can prepare yourself adequately for it. A normal human mouth is made up of both soft and hard tissue but these can deteriorate due to injuries, tooth decay, acid erosion or jaw and mouth pain. When this happens there is need for full mouth reconstruction. This is a procedure that entails installation of prosthetic teeth, installing bridges, veneers and crowns, restoration of gums and even restoration of the gum. The procedure can sometimes involve several different dentists – it can involve a general dentist for crowns, bridges and artificial teeth , a periodontist ( a dentist who works on gums) and even an orthodontist who works on making sure that teeth are in the correct position.

For a full mouth reconstruction to be done, your Sacramento, CA dentist will make an assessment on all areas of your mouth and decide what needs to be fixed. It could be that you need new teeth, toy need to get new gums or you may even need to have your jaw worked on. After the dentist is done making his assessment he will discuss his prognosis with you and you can then decide on when you can get the procedure done. You will look at photos to determine the kind of smile you want. You will also talk about things like how soon you want to complete your treatment and what it will cost you. Because full mouth reconstruction can be expensive some dentists offer payment plans.

How to prepare for a full mouth reconstruction:

• If you are a smoker you should quit for at least 3 weeks before you begin your treatment. Smoking thins blood and can increase the risk of over bleeding.

• If you take alcohol you should also limit consumption in the weeks leading up to the surgery.

• If you have a chronic illness and are on any medication it is important to let your dentist know.

What are the benefits of full mouth reconstruction?

There are many benefits of having a full mouth reconstruction.

• The most obvious benefit is that you get to have a beautiful smile, which makes you more confident. When you are more confident you get more opportunities in your social life and even your career.

• If you suffer serious headaches a full mouth reconstruction could be of help in alleviating pain. In many cases chronic pain is caused by the jaw being out of alignment.

• You get better oral health – you get rid of things like gingivitis, decayed teeth and any other problems in your mouth. Getting rid of the bacteria in your mouth means that there is less bacteria in your body. You also reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

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What happens during a full mouth reconstruction?

It is important to understand that mouth reconstruction varies from person to person depending on what needs to be fixed. At the very least your dentist can replace missing teeth and perform root canals if they are needed. He will also whiten your teeth (which in most cases is needed). At the other end of the spectrum your Sacramento, CA dentist can work on your jaw, your gums and realign any teeth which are not in position. Take the time to talk with your dentist so that you can understand precisely what he will be doing for you.

What should you do for faster recovery?

Your recovery time will be determined by the amount of work that has been done on your mouth. If you replace a few teeth, for instance, it takes a shorter time to eat than if you had your gums worked on. After your procedure is done your dentist will give you painkillers and also antibiotics to ensure that you don’t get an infection. You will be eating soft, pureed foods for a while so you should prepare yourself for that. Cold drinks and ice cream can also help you get rid of pain. Your dentist will give you an appointment for about a week after your procedure to ensure that you are recovering properly.

How do you take care of oral health after full mouth reconstruction?

While it is true that prosthetic teeth don’t get cavities, it is very important for you to maintain good oral health after you have healed. Brush your teeth 3 times a day and make sure that you floss. If you get dentures make sure to clean them properly at the end of the day and leave them soaking overnight in denture solution. Visit your Sacramento, CA dentist at least twice a year just as you would normally.