Sensitive Teeth Citrus Heights, CA.

If you feel pain in your teeth every time you eat ice cream or sip on a hot beverage it is most likely that you suffer from sensitive teeth. They occur when there is a there is damage to the first two layers of the tooth, the enamel and the cementum. This exposes the dentin which has small tubules which lead to the pulp, the part of the tooth that contains nerves. Teeth sensitivity is a common occurrence in Sacramento, CA and in other parts of the world as well. The good news is if you know the causes of tooth sensitivity you can avoid them. This article looks at the leading causes of sensitive teeth and then what to do if you already have sensitive teeth.

Causes of tooth decay:

• One of the most common causes of sensitive teeth is brushing too hard. Over time, you wear down your enamel. If you notice that your teeth are becoming sensitive you should change to a soft toothbrush and brush gently for shorter periods of time; the sensitivity may just go away on its own.

• Acidic foods are also a leading cause of sensitive teeth. When your enamel is thin and you eat something acidic it goes straight to the nerve endings of your teeth and this leads to pain. Avoid acidic foods and also avoid spicy food – your stomach produces moiré acid than usual when you eat acidic food and this can erode your enamel. Fruits can also lead to sensitive teeth so you should find an alternative way to get your vitamins.

• Although it is rare, teeth grinding affects teeth – it wears them down and exposes the inner parts leading to teeth sensitivity. Fortunately, your Sacramento, CA dentist easily fashion a device to wear to bed at night because that is when most teeth grinding occurs. You should also seek to eliminate the stress that is making you grind your teeth.

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If you use teeth whitening toothpaste for a long time or have your teeth whitened often you will eventually develop sensitive teeth. The chemicals that are meant to whiten your teeth also erode the enamel exposing your teeth’s nerve endings.

• Mouthwash is also a cause of teeth sensitivity – use it more than a few times a day for long enough and soon your teeth will hurt when you eat hot or cold things. It is better to try a fluoride rinse instead – it is free of the chemicals and alcohol that are in mouthwash. You can, alternatively, stoop rinsing your mouth altogether and just brush and floss. If you do it properly you will not have bad breath.

• Receding gums, which are also referred to as gum disease, can cause sensitive teeth. When gums recede they expose the parts of the tooth where enamel is thinnest. If you visit your dentist twice a year as recommended he can help you deal with gum disease before it gets out of hand. You should take gum disease seriously – it is a precursor to heart disease.

• If you have plaque, the stuff that you remove when you brush, you can develop sensitive teeth. Plaque is unsightly and it will affect your smile. You can avoid it altogether by brushing 3 times a day and flossing diligently. If you already have plaque your dentist can easily remove it during teeth cleaning.

• Dental procedures can also be the cause of sensitive teeth. This kind of sensitivity is normal and should disappear in a few days. If it doesn’t go away you should go and see your dentist again – it could mean that you have an infection.

• Cracked and damaged teeth are prone to sensitivity because the root of the tooth becomes exposed. Your Sacramento, CA dentist can perform a procedure to repair damaged teeth.

• Old, damaged and cracked fillings also lead to sensitive teeth because they open a way for bacteria to get to the root of the tooth. You should have old fillings replaced.