Sports Guards in Citrus Heights, CA.

Losing teeth can seriously impact life as you know it. From talking and smiling to eating – everything can be affected if you suddenly lost one or two of your front teeth. For individuals that are health-conscious and active in sports, mouth guards are simply essential. Also known as sports guards, these mouth protectors are designed to effectively protect the teeth, gums, and inner cheeks. While they resemble boxing mouthpieces, these units are custom designed to meet the needs of individuals. Not only do they protect the upper and lower teeth – they also prevent injuries to the soft tissues on the tongue. They also protect the lips and cheek lining as well. With years of extensive industry experience, your dentist in Sacramento, CA, can easily customize mouth-guards to meet your needs within time and budget.

The Benefits of Sports Guards:

When it comes to protecting the mouth, there is nothing more formidable than mouth guards. In fact, this essential athletic accessory should always be part of your gear and equipment. Whether you play tennis, volleyball, soccer, or are into boxing or MMA – mouth guards can prevent teeth from getting chipped or breaking. They are also designed to absorb blows to the mouth and facial areas. According to recent studies, athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer teeth harm without mouth guards. While these injuries are synonymous with high-risk sports, they can also occur while skating or performing gymnastics as well. To prevent these injuries and mishaps from occurring, the following mouth guards are simply vital:

· Stock – these pre-formed and ready to wear mouth guards are inexpensive. Since they are ready to use, however, not all of them fit the exact needs of patients. In fact, they are bulky in nature and make talking and breathing a bit difficult.

· Boil and Bite – these mouth protectors can be found at leading pharmacies and sporting good stores. They are softened in water (boiled), which allows them to contour to several mouth sizes, shapes, and specifications.

A photo of a mouth guard

A man with a tennis racket getting ready to play tennis at the tennis court

· Custom-fitted – Your dentist in Sacramento, CA, can personally make and customize these guards for you. They offer the best fit and are more personalized than stock or boil and bite versions. In addition, you can always go to the dentist for any adjustments or modifications – as opposed to stock items which are simply “buy as is”.

The Benefits of Dental Mouth Guards:

According to leading dental experts, the best mouth guards are simply the ones that have been custom made for patients. Whether for sports or everyday chores, mouth guards will truly achieve your desired results. They can also be worn or fitted over braces or fixed dental appliances on the lower jaw. While most mouth guards are for the upper teeth, they can also be created for lower teeth as well. This way you get optimal protection for the entire mouth. In order to explore your options, a visit to a Sacramento, CA, dentist is essential. He or she will check your mouth to see exactly what problems are present. This includes broken, chipped, or missing teeth – which will be repaired as part of your treatment plan. If you only desired custom mouth-guards, dentists and assistants will facilitate your needs within time and budget.

Caring for Mouth Guards:

As with any dental appliance or implement, proper care is vital. This will protect the guard across the board, while securing maximum use and longevity. The following are essential tips on caring for mouth guards and accessories:

· Rinse before and after each use – brush with toothbrush and toothpaste if desired.

· Frequently clean the mouth guard in cool and soapy water – rinse thoroughly.

· The mouth-guard is highly mobile and lightweight in design – perfect for business and social trips.

· Always carry the mouth guard in its sturdy container or case when not in use – these cases have vents that allow the appliance to properly air out.

· NEVER leave the mouthpiece in scorching water or under the sun!

· Always check the mouth-guard for common wear and tear – this allows your dentist to know if adjustments or complete replacements should be given.

· NEVER wear retainers or removable dental appliances while playing sports of any kind.

Dentists in Sacramento, CA, are committed to excellence in all dental and mouth guard services. Simply speak to your local dentist today about the right mouth guard for oral protection. If you have braces on, dentists will recommend complete mouth guards that cover both the top and lower teeth. They will also take all necessary scans, x-rays, and molds to determine the exact size and specifications for your mouth. With properly fitted mouthguards, you can secure a stronger barrier between the braces and your cheek or lips.