Lumineers in Citrus Heights, CA.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are tuned to be porcelain veneers which are able to cover up and conceal imperfections in the structure and style of the teeth. Lumineers are a perfect alternative for creating an outstanding outlook of the dental formulae. Lumineers fill gaps within teeth ensuring you get to reclaim a lost smile and in the same wavelength confidence in the beauty of the teeth. Lumineers are perfect for teeth since they do not alter the dental orientation of a person instead offering a pathway through which the teeth can be styled to have a perfect outlook in a natural manner. As much as the procedure is deemed costly, the results that lumineers bring to the table cannot be argued against which is the major advantage to focus on.

What is the procedure for Lumineers?

Lumineers are structured and installed with 2 visits to a dentist. Most Sacramento, CA dentists require the two visits so as to handle the designing phase and the installation procedure effectively.

A smiling patient with healthy, natural-looking teeth

First Visit

The first visit is usually utilized by a dentist in taking the impressions of the teeth and the angles with which the teeth are oriented. The impression of the teeth that is taken up includes angles from both the upper and lower jaw which ensures that every detail is incorporated in the report. After the impressions are taken, a mold is created that fits the impressions that have been noted and it is the molds and dental records that are sent to a lumineer laboratory where the Lumineers are designed.

A patient with healthy teeth and a big smile

Second Visit

On the second visit, dentists are supposed to aid a patient put the lumineers on and try them for comfort and natural fit. This is specifically important since it ensures the lumineers are able to fit perfectly within the dental orientation of an individual without any awkward feeling or appearance. After fitting, a dentist is then supposed to check the bite and ensure that it is relative and uniform. This avoids the case scenario whereby the lumineers are uneven which leads to chipping off. Balancing the lumineers takes time since the uniform nature has to be inch-perfect to allow a clear and positive outlook. It is only after balancing the teeth that bonding of the lumineers can be done to ensure quality and a durability in the operation of the lumineers.

How to prepare for lumineers

Fortunately for dental patients across Sacramento, CA, lumineers do not require shaving of the teeth or grinding them to get a particular shape or orientation. The lumineers fit in perfectly with any orientation of teeth. All that is needed from a patient is to make the first visit and get impressions taken. After that all that follows is the fitting of the lumineers and bonding of the same.

Benefits of lumineers

Lumineers have varied advantages that are able to transform the dental look of a person. Lumineers are able to give the teeth their natural look back which is an aspect that any individual desires. A natural fitting and perfect look of the teeth is a factor many individuals desire and it is exactly what is captured with the lumineers.

Lumineers are thin and therefore do not have a bulky feel. This is unlike other veneers which often have a bulky and unnatural feel in the mouth which consequently lead to a person having a synthetic smile. With their thin and natural feel, lumineers are durable which is a peculiar advantage that people can enjoy.

Lumineers do not alter the dental orientation of a person. This is very important since it keeps the natural balance of teeth while transforming the look of a person to a perfect setting which allows for an individual to smile with confidence and gain some lost self-esteem. With their thin film fitting and close contacts, a patient can rest assured that they will get a natural solution to the imperfections in their teeth resulting in a quality and adorable setting.

Lumineers are suited for covering up all manner of dental corrections that patients need. Be it gaps, imperfections in the teeth and colorations that limit the ultimate beauty of the teeth; lumineers are better placed to provide a reprieve in terms of giving the teeth a new lease of life through peculiar impressions.

The ultimate benefit with lumineers is that it is a fast procedure that is transformative in nature. All dental patients inĀ Sacramento, CA can look forward to a fast and clearly conspicuous change in their dental style and smile when they have lumineers to call on to.