Orthodontics & Braces in Citrus Heights, CA.

Braces are a type of dental appliance used primarily to realign the teeth. It is also used to distribute bite pressure, thereby assisting in the normal development of facial bones. The procedure is called orthodontics, and is performed only by a specialist. This means that not all dentists can do braces but only those who have completed the specialty course on orthodontics. Further, orthodontists will have to be board certified and licensed in Sacramento, CA before they can be allowed to practice orthodontics. Orthodontics is not necessarily for everyone. It is recommended in particular for individuals with crowded, crooked, or uneven teeth.

The Benefits of Braces:

  • Aesthetics. Aligned teeth look better than crooked or crowded teeth. Braces also improves the smile, which is essential to self-esteem. Braces can transform how a person carries himself or herself in front of others in a positive way.
  • Improved speech. Uneven teeth can make it hard for a person to pronounce certain words. Teeth that prop too forward or backward can impair speaking patterns. Braces do not only put the teeth back in the right position, but also enable a person to speak more clearly.
  • Healthier teeth. Tooth decay can occur even with regular brushing and flossing. This is also more likely when the teeth is not aligned. Fragments of food can get stuck in between the teeth during eating. The misalignment can make it more difficult to reach these fragments, making those spaces a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Better Digestion. The teeth are a part of the digestive system. Their role is to partially break down the food before they are swallowed and pushed down to the stomach. Teeth that are not in the right position may not be able to break down food as efficiently as they should. With aligned teeth, chewing food will be enhanced.

A woman demonstrating how braces look on her teeth

A smiling woman with braces

How are Braces Installed

Braces are not installed on the spot. An orthodontist will first have to perform a thorough check up and evaluate the results of the dental x-ray of the patient. The orthodontist will determine if some teeth will have to be pulled out for extra spaces. If there are decayed teeth, the orthodontist may also do filling or extraction. Plaster models of the teeth will be prepared to identify the areas of the teeth that need improvement. Also, before the actual installation, the orthodontist will polish the teeth to make sure that no dirt or bacteria will be trapped within the braces. Each tooth will be placed a bracket made of either metal or ceramic. Next, the arch wire will be inserted and tightened to apply pressure on the teeth. So that the arch wire will hold, elastics are attached to it. The arch wire will be adjusted periodically until the teeth are pushed back to their correct position in the mouth.

What to Expect from Braces

Braces can be a discomfort, but only during the initial week of installation. This will dissipate over time as the patient gets used to having braces on. Other things to be expected from braces in Sacramento, CA are discussed below.

  • Soft food. Right after the metals are put on, the teeth will become tender to pressure. Hence, patients may have to limit their diet to soups and bread or other types of food that do not require much chewing. After about half a month however, the patients can return to normal eating.
  • Regular dental check-up. Patients will have to see the orthodontist every 30 days or less for the cleaning and adjustments. It is advised that patients do not miss any of their check-ups for faster results.
  • Color coding. Patients can actually choose a different color for the elastics each check-up. Elastics come in various colors, allowing for patients to color coordinate their braces to their fashion accessories.
  • Retainers. Braces in Sacramento, CA are typically removed after two years. Patients will then have to wear retainers to maintain the improved alignment of the teeth. Retainers are a set of removable wires that must be worn for a little while until the teeth become accustomed to their new position.

Braces or orthodontics Sacramento, CA are essential for enhancing the health and alignment of the teeth. They have several benefits, ranging from aesthetics to higher self-esteem. Braces can cause discomfort that can be managed well with regular check-ups with the orthodontist. Patients will have to keep their braces on for an average of two years, or shorter if their teeth will respond to the treatment well.