Dentures & Partials in Citrus Heights, CA.

If you have missing teeth you may want to consider having your Sacramento, CA dentist install dentures for you. Depending on how many teeth are missing he can also install partials which are dentures that are made to replace just a few teeth. Dentures are usually attached to a pink prosthetic base and they are made to look like natural teeth as much as possible. If all your teeth are missing you can install full dentures which are removable. There are many benefits of installing dentures including:


• You get to have new teeth which restore your confidence and self esteem.

• Dentures are vital if you have missing teeth and need to eat a healthy diet. In many cases, people who are missing more than a few teeth sometimes opt for a diet comprised of soft and pureed foods. This is not a healthy way to go – you need to have a balanced diet in order to remain healthy.

• When you have missing teeth your face loses its shape and you look older. Dentures will restore the shape of your face and make you look younger.

• Missing teeth also affect your speech – you will tend to lisp more. If you have your dentist create dentures for you your clear speech will be restored.

What is the procedure for getting dentures and partials?

The process for getting dentures is not a complicated one but you should know what to expect nonetheless:

• Your Sacramento, CA dentist will first examine you to determine whether dentures are the best solution for your missing teeth.

• If they are he will then make an impression of your jaws. He will also measure your jaws and determine how both your jaws relate to one another.

• The dentist then uses the impressions and measurements to create an exact mould of your mouth for you to try on. Normally, one has to try the mould a few time as the dentist makes adjustments to make sure that everything fits well. He will also check to see that the color of the teeth and gums are natural.

• Once you are both satisfied that you a best fit the dentist will cast the final set of dentures or partials.

• If you don’t feel that your new dentures fit well adjustments can be made.

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to dentures is how they will feel. Fortunately, technology has helped dentures be more comfortable – in the past they were awkward and bulky but today, you can get a pretty slim fit. It is true that you may feel a little funny for the first few days but before long your tongue and cheek muscles will adapt and it will be much easier to keep them in place. People also worry about whether others will notice that they are wearing dentures. In the past, dentures were rather obvious because they didn’t look very natural. Today, however, dentures are made to look natural so they are hard to notice. You should feel more confident because you have a brand new smile.

Learning how to eat with dentures:

Most people find that eating is not very easy with dentures especially in the first few weeks after they are fitted. The best thing to do is to start with soft foods that don’t require much chewing and then slowly keep adding on more solid foods. Cutting up your food into bite size piece is helpful. You should chew your food slowly so that you don’t move the dentures. Don’t worry that you have more saliva then usual – once your mouth get used to eat and salivation will go back to normal.

How to clean your dentures:

It is very important to keep your dentures clean – they do, after all, spend a great deal of time in your mouth. The best way to keep your dentures clean is to brush them just as you would teeth right before you go to bed. You can use an ordinary toothbrush. After brushing them you should rinse them under running water and then leave them soaking in a glass of water. To clean more thoroughly you can throw in denture cleaning tablets. Sometimes dentures start to stain especially if you drink a lot of coffee or smoke. If you notice that your dentures are staining you should take them to your Sacramento, CA dentist for a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to see your dentist at least twice a year – it is important for good oral health and they clean your dentures during each visit.